5 Benefits of Tongue Scraping

5 top reasons you should use a tongue scraper to clean your tongue (every damn day).

Thought of the Day // Detox

Ayurveda teaches there is no quick fix when it comes to detoxification and cleanses. Why? Because ama (toxins) are only stored in the body upon repeated exposure to the same toxic substances (food, drugs, booze, people and environments).

Health Condition // Pitta-IBS

Learn about the cause of Pitta-IBS and tips for restoring your digestion.

Top 10 Ayurveda // Agni

Modern Ayurvedic's Top 10 Ayurveda tips for healthy Agni.

Ayurveda 101 // Digestion

We notice that many people coming to our Adelaide Ayurveda clinic are unsure of what defines 'normal' when it comes to the human body. What are the signs of good Agni and normal digestion? Let's see what Ayurveda has to say.

Health Condition // Kapha-IBS

Learn about the cause of Kapha-IBS and tips for restoring your digestion.

Health Condition // Vata-IBS

Learn about the cause of Vata-IBS and tips for restoring your digestion.

Ayurveda 101 // Agni

Ayurveda's take on agni - the King of metabolism + cornerstone of health.

Ayurveda 101 // Eat for your body type

How to eat for your Ayuvedic body type with the six tastes of Ayurveda.
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