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 Image by Jan Kaluza

Image by Jan Kaluza

Struggling with your digestion? Think you have IBS? According to Ayurveda there are several types of IBS. If you're unsure of your IBS type then you can take the Ayurvedic IBS testHere is your low-down on Pitta-IBS. 

Cause: Agni is diminished by an excess of the hot, sharp + oily qualities

Qualities accumulate, or are held, in the liver, spleen + skin

Most aggravating foods:

  • garlic
  • onion
  • leek
  • chilli
  • heated oils (which turn rancid)
  • roasted nuts
  • roasted nut butters
  • aged sharp cheeses
  • mouldy cheeses
  • vinegar
  • coffee
  • alcohol
  • artificial colours
  • fried food
  • fast food

Most aggravating food habits:

  • eating when you are emotionally charged
  • not eating all day
  • black coffee
  • any of the foods listed on an empty stomach 

Most aggravating emotions:

  • Control
  • Manipulation
  • Deceit
  • Deprecation

Most aggravating spiritual habit

  • Passing judgement




  • Freshly prepared foods
  • Light cooked green vegetables (some raw veg is OK too)
  • Bitter greens or green juices (just stick to veg)
  • Carbs - you need carbs
  • Basmati rice (best carb)
  • Sweet potato (best veg)
  • Pasta
  • Good quality breads, preferably not heavy grains like rye which are heating 
  • Fresh fruit (eat as a snack before a main meal, do not combine with other foods)*
  • Coriander leaf, coriander seed, coriander water (pour boiling water over seed)
  • Soaked raisins or sultanas
  • Coconut oil, ghee
  • Plus many more - variety is the key, most important is the quality (grounding, satiating + cooling)

Food habits

  • Eat in silence, away from screens
  • Do not eat when emotionally charged


  • Unheated yoga
  • Strength training
  • Walking or jogging
  • Mixed exercise to discharge energy


  • Cooling breathwork

Most healing practice

  • Stop what it is in this list that you are doing!!!

It's hard. They're habits. But stop. We mean it. You need to break the self-sabotage link. You are worth more. Ayurveda says unless you eliminate the cause you cannot heal your gut. 

If nothing on this list sounds like you, then write a list of the thing(s) you do e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y. The foods or food habits you are attached to. That is what a-c-c-u-m-u-l-a-t-e-s. Accumulation = the first stage of dis-ease. 

Triphala is the best Ayurvedic formulation for IBS.

*Ayurveda has A LOT to say about 'proper' food pairing. We will be writing a note soon.

If you could do with a reset we’d love to see in our Adelaide Ayurveda clinic. ✨


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