Thought of the Day // Presence

Image by Carolina Heza
Image by Carolina Heza
Mother Nature knows no difference between the past, present and the future. It simply knows the rhythms of the Pancha Mahabhutas; the five great elements of air, ether, fire, water, earth. We follow them via their seasonal expressions. How they interplay in our external environment. But we can only ever really live with the elements in the now.⁠⠀
Similarly, our bodies know no time. When we think of the past, the weight of it, we inflict these emotional impressions on our bodies/psyche over and over and over again. Because our bodies don't understand the difference between a memory, a thought, and real time. To our bodies - we relive that thought, that emotional rollercoaster, all while you're having a little daydream (usually around peak Vata-time at 3pm!).⁠⠀
So ask yourself //⁠⠀
What are you inflicting your body to by not being present?⁠⠀
What thoughts, feelings, emotions are you subjecting yourself to unknowingly?⁠⠀
What could their impact be?⁠⠀
Ayurveda truly is in everything, so I've been delving into the impact of emotional ama/toxins in light of this theme. Because what we digest goes beyond food - we are constantly digesting the impressions and energies that we're exposed to in our external environment. People - good and bad. Places - good and bad. Things - good and bad.⁠⠀
Get out into nature and check-in. ⁠⠀
Where's your head at? Is it here?⁠⠀


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