"I thank my daughter for introducing me to the MA team. My health in mind, body and spirit has never been so connected. I look to my dosha now when going about my day and try to make decisions accordingly. Life with MA by my side is the best decision I have ever made."



My husband and I started taking the MA supplements 2 months ago and we both feel fantastic! The quality of our sleep has improved after our nightly dose of Triphala and we both have noticed increased energy during the day after taking The Femme-lete and The Masc-lete.
Their website is easy to navigate and shipping was very prompt. I highly recommend MA and their supplements!



"I’m not quite sure where to begin here. Modern Ayurvedic has been an absolute game changer in my life.

From a personal perspective, I’ve never been more in touch with my body. I understand so much more about what’s happening and why, and importantly, how to fix it.

The body, mind and spirit are all connected, and realising this is the key to unlocking your full potential, and getting the most out of life - mentally and physically.

I came to these women with chronic fatigue and other ailments. MA gave me a program and guidelines for my dominant dosha, and herbal remedies.

Six months later, I’ve never felt more aligned with my body, and it’s been a long time since I had this much energy and clarity.

I have since, fully taken on the practice of Ayurveda.

From a professional perspective, Modern Ayurvedic just has the “it” factor. They deliver their information and consultations with such eloquence, elegance and understanding - walking into their space and energy field is like taking a deep breath of fresh air and enjoying a warm embrace.

I encourage you, as I encourage my friends and family, to do yourself a favour and fall into that embrace, it will be the best thing you can do for yourself.

But be prepared to accept Ayurveda and what it can offer you, body, mind and spirit."



"Madeleine and Dani, collectively known as Modern Ayurvedic, have been a critical part of my healing journey.

I was searching for a natural alternative to medication to assist with my mental health, which often fluctuated between anxiety and depression.

I was somewhat familiar with Ayurveda from my experience in yoga, so I had some understanding of the doshas and their general properties. What I was not prepared for is how all encompassing this medical system actually is. My life has changed completely. I now take responsibility for my own health, particularly Ayurvedic nutrition, appropriate forms of exercise for my Prakriti, and self care rituals.

Modern Ayurvedic have helped me acquire tools, knowledge and awareness to better understand myself. I can now recognise when I am feeling off balance, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. I now know how to recenter myself. The ongoing support that Modern Ayurvedic has given me has been integral to my personal wellness.

Each month my consultation is an opportunity to reflect on what has past, and talk through what I can implement or circle back to moving forward. Dani is such a wizard and adjusts my custom herbal blends in accordance with any symptoms I am presenting, making me feel incredibly well looked after and listened to. Modern Ayurvedic have helped me realise that there is no magic bullet, there is no one size fits all approach.

We are all truly unique, and we should work with our prakriti in order to uncover our full potential. It is hard at times, but the ongoing support I receive from Modern Ayurvedic means the world and I am so grateful that I have them in my corner."


"I have been working with Madeleine and Dani since they first launched Modern Ayurvedic.

I am constantly impressed and inspired by their deep knowledge of Ayurveda and how they apply this ancient modality to modern life. They approach their consultations with kindness and compassion; their herbal supports are blended with wisdom and love, and they design tailor made treatment plans with great attention to detail – and realistic expectations!

They have been joyful cheerleaders on my Ayurvedic journey, and I am so excited to watch their business grow and expand."



"Can not recommend these girls enough! I found them when I was at the end of the road with my health and had tried so many different things. I felt completely supported and understood by Madeleine during our first appointment and everything just made sense. I saw instant results when following the lifestyle and health plan and months later am still attending regular check ups and appointments. They have such a beautiful, gentle and holistic approach to overall wellbeing which is so refreshing."



"MA has been a huge life changer for me. I've been working with Mads and Dani over the past 8 months on health issues i've had for over 5 years (!!) I've had surgery and seen numerous GPs and other holistic practitioners and nothing has ever scratched the surface. I have seen profound results from my custom herbs and the simplest of lifestyle changes. To know Ayurveda is to know yourself and MA will be your intelligent, thoughtful and extremely patient cheerleaders throughout this journey."



"What a truly wonderful experience! Madeleine is just so beautiful and takes you on a journey that leaves you feeling just so blissed out I felt like floated out of there. Highly recommend if you tend to live a 'go go go' lifestyle. Do yourself a favour!"



I've suffered from digestive issues for as long as I can remember and MA's supplements have been an absolute game changer for me. My daily dose of Triphala has honestly changed my life for the better and I can't thank these two lovely ladies enough for creating an easy way to incorporate it into my daily routine!



A beautiful range of well-designed supplements - the women behind the brand are knowledgeable and practice what they preach. Taking the Triphala has really helped with digestion and I love that the capsules are vegan!



Can not live without The Machine! I take it with The Masc-lete and my energy levels are consistent throughout the day, and also helps with recovery from daily workouts. You will know when you are taking this and when you are not, hands down the best supplement I have ever taken.


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