AYUR-YOGA Day-retreat

Madeleine, the Modern Ayurvedic, will be hosting a one-day retreat with her yogic soul-sister, Genevieve Braund, from Green Door Yoga. This seasonal event will combine the vedic sisters, yoga and Ayurveda, with a focus on how to keep well and balanced as the seasons peak and change.

Held within the picturesque grounds of Seascape Retreat, Hindmarsh Valley, your day will include:

〰️ two yoga practices led by Genevieve, 

〰️ two Ayurvedic workshops by Madeleine 

〰️ lovingly made (vegan-friendly) kitchari lunch by Jo at Darlin Dal,

〰️ Ayurvedic teas and refreshments,

〰️  views from the rolling valley to sea

Date // Sunday 17th September 2023

Time //  9:30am - 4:30pm

Dress code // comfy, warm attire with room to move in. Bring your walking shoes to explore the property after lunch.

Bring // an open mind and good vibes, your favourite journal or notebook.

Investment // $220 early bird (ends 13th August 2023)
$250 RRP (from 14th August 2023)

What you'll learn

〰️ key principles of Ayurveda; elements, doshas (Vata, PIitta, Kapha) and qualities to understand the language of Ayurveda and apply it to yourself.

〰️ Prakriti types; Ayurvedic mind/body constitutions and their characteristics

〰️ concept of agni (digestive fire) and it's role in digestion and metabolism

〰️ general signs of doshic balance + imbalance and how they begin

〰️ simple Ayurvedic lifestyle advice to navigate seasons and associated doshas (Spring focus)

〰️ how our yoga practice can evolve to reflect the season and balance our doshas

〰️ the healing connection between the sister sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga

What you'll takeaway

〰️ a better understanding of where you 'fit' within the Ayurvedic world 

〰️ a sense of holistic wellbeing, an understanding of how our outer world impacts our inner world

〰️ a M.A. stainless steel tongue scraper

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