I am all things right (brained).⁠⠀
The Visionary.⁠⠀
Intuitive, creative, artistic and inspired⁠⠀
with a strong holistic perception.⁠⠀
I see big.⠀

Everyone has a before and after. 
I’m not talking about before and after school/university. 
Or before and after marriage. 
Or before and after you lost your baby weight. Or before and after you travelled/moved/changed jobs.
Nothing like that.

I’m talking about THE before and after of your life. The transformational trigger that click, click, clicked you into gear and shifted your everyday into yesterday and redirected all of your tomorrows. 

That moment/thing/experience that was the kindling seed of growth in your life. Your spiritual and wellness propeller. 
Maybe you’ve found it. Maybe you haven’t. 
Maybe we share the same inceptive seedling that is, Ayurveda.

My life pre-Ayurveda is a foreign land. 
One I do not wish to revisit.  
My life post-Ayurveda is a familiar, life-long journey. One of constant inspiration.

Ayurveda as a profession is deeply humbling; acting as a catalyst in a client’s wellbeing renaissance. I mean really, I couldn’t think of anything better to do with my time even if I tried. I love this ancient science. I owe who I am today and everyday to her essence. And with that eternal debt I’ll pay my dues as an Ayurvedic Practitioner. As a co-founder of Modern Ayurvedic. All the while helping to pave her way in the modern wellness arena.

Madeleine is an Ayurvedic practitioner, holistic living mentor and member of the Australasian Association of Ayurveda (Adv Dip Ayurveda, AAA). She consults clients of Modern Ayurvedic from our Adelaide-based clinic.


To our teachers and mentors, our guides and gurus.

To Mark, king guinea pig, cyclist and all 'round nice guy:
Thank you for believing in us,
for giving us a chance,
for catching us before we fall,
for being an amazing mentor and guide.

To Dr Anvar AM, the legend at Punarnava:
Thank you for letting us work at your side.

To Dr Aditi and Reena, our Ayurvedic mother's in Ponda:
Thank you for helping us to find our feet in Indian soil, 
for opening your clinic, home, hearts and wardrobe. 
Those saris! We still crave tulsi tea with jaggery at 4pm.

To Dr Bosco Paul, our guru: 
Thank you for sharing 'your Kerala' with us,
for showing us the Ayurvedic heart. 
Thank you for lending your light, 
for seeing the warrior in us,
for helping us to ignite.

To all of the teachers that came before you:
Thank you for delivering the circle unbroken,
for preserving the knowledge and tradition.

To the greatest teacher of all, Ayurveda:
Thank you for our purpose.

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