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Ayurvedic medicine reaches beyond the physical, beyond the emotional and into the depths of the psyche.

So many of our clients start off in our Adelaide Ayurveda clinic looking for advice to reboot, detox or cleanse. Ayurvedic cleanses of the superficial tissue - your blood (skin) and lymph (fat/fluid carrying tubes) - can start to have effect in as little as a week. But the real question is, how deep are you willing to dig?
Unless we change the deep set habits and patterns we are fixed on, the same crap we are working to clear is just going to re-accumulate. Accumulation, according to Ayurveda, is the first stage of disease. 
Ayurveda teaches there is no quick fix when it comes to detoxification and cleanses. Why? Because ama (toxins) are only stored in the body upon repeated exposure to the same toxic substances (food, drugs, booze, people and environments). The substance alone is not what makes us sick. It is our patterns, habits and attachment to it. Whatever we are exposed to fleetingly does not have the same physical or energetic impression on the body.
So deep detoxification, deep cleansing and deep tissue renewal take time. They require that all your organs of detoxification are clear and in present time. 
The liver, in particular, has a habit of holding on to intensely charged emotion. Why? Because it is one of the major Pitta sites. An imbalance in the liver is one of the most agitating ailments to the human body. All you Pittas will relate to the restlessness and short fuse it creates.  
Are new to Ayurveda? Follow the link to learn more about Pitta dosha and the liver.
Even better book yourself an Ayurvedic consultation with Madeleine (MA's much loved Ayurvedic practitioner).



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