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Your Ayurveda Guide // IBS Roadmap

Image by elCarito

Image by elCarito

Ayurveda pegs 4 types of IBS, classified according to the QUALITIES of presenting signs  + symptoms. These QUALITIES reflect doshic imbalances.

Do you have Vata-IBS?  Pitta-IBS?  Kapha-IBS? Or a combo of all three?

If you don't know it yet, you can take your Ayurvedic IBS type test. According to Ayurveda, IBS is a disorder of agni.

Understanding your Ayurvedic IBS type will allow you to evaluate the unique combination of factors that is causing IBS in your case. You need to stop the cause to clear the path for healing.

Here is your Ayurvedic IBS Roadmap. 





Ama weakens

Colon + nervous system

Liver, spleen + skin

Fat cells + metabolism

Ama + aggravating qualities

Light, dry, rough

Hot, sharp, oily

Cold, heavy, dull

Ama + aggravating food

Raw, cold food, bitter greens, alkalizing foods

Garlic, onion, chilli, heated oils, roasted nuts

Cold dairy, vegan cheese, red meat

Ama + aggravating food habits

Insufficient food, calorie deficit, excess fasting

Eating when emotionally charged

Over-eating and sleeping Immediately after eating

Ama + aggravating emotions or traumas

Distance, alienation, worry, delusion

Control, manipulation, deprecation, deceit

Over-protection, attachment, guilt

Mythology of agni

Thunder (Above / Cosmos)

Sun (Between / Sky)

Fire (Below / Earth)

Functions of agni

Harness intuition

Integrate impressions

Assimilating food

Foods for agni

Warm wholesome foods (root veg, basmati rice, stewed fruit)

Fresh, lightly cooked foods

Warm light foods (steamed, greens), bitter foods + alkalizing greens

Food habits for agni

Small, frequent meals

Eat in silence, avoid eating when emotional

Eat in company, skip meals if not hungry, have lunch as the main meal

Exercise for agni

Grounding, exercise, light yoga

Mixed exercise (to calm + discharge energy)

Cardio, fast paced exercise + strength training

Breath for agni





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