Ayurveda 101 // Digestion

Image by Nicole Honeywill

Image by Nicole Honeywill

Modern Ayurvedics - pardon the poop talk, but did you know that it is oh-so important that you "go" every single day?⁠⠀⁠⠀
Ayurveda looks at Agni - the metabolic fire - as the pinnacle of (good) health. When we have a strong Agni, we can digest foods and impressions that we take from our external environments. Our Agni goes beyond digestion, but it is a fundamental factor in it. Two key signs of strong Agni are getting hungry three times per day and regular bowel movements. Yep - regular poopin'.⁠⠀⁠⠀
Simply put, once we have extracted all we can from the foods we eat - we must evacuate what's remaining. We need to do this daily, to prevent Ama/toxins/undigested food matter forming and polluting our other tissues beyond our digestive tract. This is, according to Ayurveda, fundamentally how dis-ease in the body starts. ⁠⠀⁠⠀
Might be a little too much information, but the quality of your bowel movement is just as important as going daily. Are their undigested foods in there? What form does it take? It's our daily insight into how our digestion and Agni is going, and how we can help counterbalance any abnormalities that arise. ⁠⠀⁠⠀

If you think you have poop-issues we have the perfect Ayurvedic supplement for you to try. It's called Triphala, and it's an ancient digestive tonic used in Ayurveda for thousands of years. 

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