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Ayurvedic medicine is whole medicine. Ayurveda is in every little thing. Once you learn the language of Ayurveda in your body you will see it everywhere around you. From the people you meet, the lands you visit, the conversations you have to the food you eat - everything.

You know the old saying “be careful of the company you keep?”. That’s Ayurvedic in principle.

Your company’s energy/doshas/gunas are transmitted to you, through you, always. If you’re constantly around really Pitta peeps, you’re going to channel an excess Pitta energy too. Same goes for Vatas – if you’re around people who can’t sit still, you’re going to soak that vibe right up. And Kaphas – if you’re around a group who struggle to get moving and stay motivated – it’s going to be more difficult for you to get a Wriggle on, too.⁠⠀

We use these shadow sides of the doshas - Vata, Pitta, Kapha - because we find people recognise these traits instinctively. But the light-side of the Doshas are powerful too.

Vata is the crowd of visionaries and creatives; Pitta the group of go-getters and motivated kings/queens; and Kaphas the unwaveringly reliable, sturdy gang.⁠⠀
Remember that you are complete. In your unique combination of elements and doshas. It requires a little learning and a lot of persistence, but you can start seeing through the eyes of an Ayurvedic, too. And we’re here to help you do just that – start.⁠⠀

Your Ayurvedic practitioner is here to decode it. To help you understand exactly how everything around you affects what’s going on inside you. More importantly, your Ayurvedic practitioner is here to help you restore your own energy- physical, emotional and vibrational. The true power is knowing how to do it for yourself; on then can the knowledge sustain you for a lifetime.

Are you in Adelaide? So are we! Are you someone else in Australia? We do Ayurveda online too and via Skype too!

Visit Modern Ayurvedic. Our wellness journey is waiting for you.

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