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Ayurveda 101 // Earth

Ayurveda's earth element symbol

As above so below // as within so without.

Today we’re reminding not only you, our Modern Ayurvedics, but ourselves to take care of our external environment.

We can often be so focused on balancing and re-balancing and balancing again our internal doshic landscape, and forget that our external environment needs just as much care.

Ayurveda's earth element represents everything that you can touch, but also everything that touches you. Yes we love earth care (that's why we source 100% eco-friendly and sustainable), but our earthly surrounds are non-physical too.⁠⠀
Our external surrounds; our home, workplace, the people we surround ourselves with, nature - they all effect our doshas and Ama/toxin levels. If our external is kept clear and sattvic (as best as possible) it will be easier to keep our internal world, our mind, body and spirit, balanced. ⁠⠀
Expose yourself to people who are highly imbalanced, in their own doshic constitutions, then they’re going to leave impressions on your own.

Ever been around someone who is a real Pitta fire cracker, and has the room on edge, fearful of being the poor sorry soul who triggers an outburst? We absorb that energy. If we have a whole room of people like that then we too, absorb this excess Pitta, Pitta-Ama into our psyche.⁠⠀
Ever noticed the correlation between your mental space and the cleanliness of your living space? Maybe it’s in complete disarray?

Check in with what’s going on inside and see how clearing your mind's external space alters that. It will. You may not want to do it, but it will. This is the law of electromagnetic attraction, one of the key aspects of healing.
This too, is Ayurvedic philosophy. It goes beyond herbs, beyond diet. Ayurveda is in everything. The science of life. Your life.

If you’re just joining us - welcome. If you’ve been following us for a while now - hello! ⁠⠀

MA // Modern Ayurvedic TM

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