We will stand by your side while you find your feet.

The 3-month Wellness Journey is designed to help you make the transition from Budding Ayurvedic to Sage. 

Every consultation is tailored to your personal needs and wellness goals. 

You will be provided with the care, advice and support you need to immerse yourself in Ayurveda and truly embrace the most empowered and energetic version of you. You can trust that you will be supported by Madeleine every step of the way.

Madeleine is a much loved holistic living mentor that will teach you the language you need to navigate your internal and external environments and strike in balance between the two. You will learn the language of your body (the doshas) and rediscover your self-healing potential.

Every month you will receive a custom formulation // your alchemy, completely tailored to your condition at that time.

Together we will reveal hidden blocks and subtext in your body's signals, clear the path, and move forward. Each step will be backed by the empowering knowledge of Ayurveda.

Consultations can focus on:

  • Understanding the relationship between your physical and emotional environment
  • Unlocking the root cause of your health concerns
  • Rekindling the innate intelligence of your body
  • Peeling back the layers, filters and blocks
  • Understanding the triggers of destructive patterns
  • Establishing new boundaries and constructive patterns

Your Wellness Journey includes:

  • Dosha typing (prakriti analysis)
  • Ayurvedic health assessment - initial consultation
  • Follow-up health assessments (x2)
  • Personalised digital holistic lifestyle plan with step-wise recommendations for each month
  • Custom herbal supplements (3-month supply - collected from clinic or posted to you (for an additional cost TBC) each month)
  • Triphala supplement, the ancient gut tonic and rejuvenative (3-month supply)
  • An Ayurvedic cheerleader at your side

This is for you if you:

  • Want to cleanse and rejuvenate every cell of your being
  • Want to to develop wellness rituals that will support you through your lifetime
  • Want to embark on an inward journey and re-shape your world
  • Want to learn the language and tools to live holistically
  • Want to bring balance to your body, skin, sleep and diet
  • Want to bring balance to your emotional well-being
  • Feel lost or confused about your health and like your body is failing you
  • You have an open-mind to ancient sciences and practices


Payment can be made upfront or in instalments $500

$500 - $200 initial, $150 subsequent (2x)

Health consultation - Initial $140.00


Health consultation - Follow up

$80.00 Two

Custom herbal formulation

$69.95 Three


$24.95 Three

Standard Price

SAVING to you ! $84.70

Please note: as we no longer have reception services at our clinic, we can arrange collection from our Goodwood location, or we will post your Ayurvedic herbal prescription to you. Express postage will cost $9.95* for each month of your Wellness Journey. 

*TBC depending on your location.

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