The Immersive

The Immersive

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Immerse | to involve oneself deeply in a particular activity; to devote oneself fully.

Ayurvedic treatments are most effective when performed consecutively over a shorter period of time. While regular treatments, spaced monthly, are wonderful for maintenance - performing these closer together amplifies their therapeutic benefit. This is the basis of ayurveda's pancha karma - a methodical, individualised detoxification program - where treatments are performed for 7 to 28 days straight. 

The Immersive package is for those searching for a month of deeper shifts in mind, body and spirit, without the full commitment of pancha karma. This package is for you if you’re:

  • Burnt out / depleted
  • Anxious / depressed
  • Inflamed / break outs
  • Struggling with sleep
  • Disconnected from self
  • Disconnected from true appetite
  • Disturbed in your digestion 
  • Experiencing brain fog / lacking focus
  • Needing a therapeutic hug - to feel ‘held’



$300 for three ayurvedic treatments tailored to you. Depending on which treatments are recommended for you, you could save anywhere between $10-70 per session. 


Treatments may include:

  • shirodhara (oil, herbal milk, or herbal buttermilk - depending on your ailments)
  • abhyanga (warm oil massage)
  • pinda sweda (warm herbal bolus and oil massage)


The process + conditions of sale:

  • Purchase made for either yourself or as a gift to another
  • Include details of gift recipient in purchase notes/comments section
  • 10 minute intro call provided by Madeleine to determine which treatments would be best suited for you (or your friend/loved one). Your personal preference is also discussed. Please email to arrange the call.
  • Bookings for all three treatments are made during the intro call to ensure your and MA's availability align.
  • All three treatments must be completed within one month, ideally spaced within 1-2 weeks. 
  • Any outstanding treatments will not be redeemable outside of this 30-day period. 
  • Packages must be redeemed before December 2024.


    Limited offer: Subject to availability. 

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