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Shirodhara, or shiro (sheer-oh) for short, is the best Ayurvedic therapy for bringing calm and clarity to the mind. There are simply no equivalent bodywork treatments, practices or herbs in the Ayurvedic repertoire.  

Shiro's are powerful; powerful enough to offer measurable benefits in a single session. We don't say those words lightly. They are like a deep meditation, only the pot and continuous flow of liquids do the silencing for you. 

Shirodhara's can be useful in:

  • Anxiety, depression and emotional unrest
  • Emotional disconnection
  • Brain fog, sinus congestion or weak memory
  • Excessive thinking or circular thoughts
  • Sleep disturbance, insomnia or disrupted sleep patterns
  • Fear
  • Detoxification 
  • IBS
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Thyroid disorders

This service is for you if you

  • Want to quieten your mind
  • Want to reset you sleep rhythm
  • Have some emotional processing to do
  • Are feeling lost, disconnected or dissatisfied
  • Feel tired of psycho analysis
  • Are ready for your subconscious to step in  

Modern Ayurvedic's shiro are medicinal. Each treatment is tailored to your constitution, needs or goals. These can change over the course of a series of shirodharas, so your medicated liquid may too. 

The process

  • Constitution typing via e-Prakriti test emailed to with booking confirmation
  • Assessment of your needs
  • Formulation of your liquid (usually the day before your treatment) 
  • Preparation of your body for treatment with oil massage of head, face, hands and feet
  • Continuous pouring of medicated liquid over your brow 

Note that according to ancient practice and traditional recipes, the medicinal pouring liquids may contain milk, buttermilk, ghee or beeswax. You must let us know if you do not wish animal products to be used.


Book online by following this link.

Or call us on 1300 834 410.


Shirodhara - Medicinal milk base $120
Shirodhara - Medicinal buttermilk base $120
Shirodhara - Medicinal oil base $120 + $60 for oil (can be used in following sessions)


Shirodhara has similar effects to meditation. Every experience is a little different. It's important to go slow after your treatment. This will all seem a little more achievable post treatment - that is where we open up the space for you to sit in.

Do //

  • Go straight home to a warm shower
  • Dry your hair after washing it
  • Rest (though no napping)
  • Re-fuel with a simple, light, fresh, warm meal eg. basmati rice
  • Re-hydrate (aim for 2L minimum)

 Avoid //

  • Physical activity (exercise, cleaning, cooking, excessive talking etc)
  • Mental exertion (reading, screens, ear phones)
  • Loud environments
  • Toxins (coffee, alcohol, processed foods)
  • Over-eating or cold, heavy (oily) and processed foods 
  • Breezes (windows-up, no fans, protect your ears if windy)

Shiros are not recommended if you wake with a headache, fever or acute (sudden) illness on the day of your treatment. 

Shirodharas are also unsuitable if you are pregnant, due to the requirement to lie flat on your back during the entire treatment.

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