Abhyanga, oil body massage, is the pillar of all Ayurvedic treatment regimes. Abhyanga is a type of Snehana therapy, oil application. Sneha, in Sanskrit, has a profound duality of meaning both oil and love

It is said that to oileanate the body, is to give love to the body. Being coated in the warm, stable, nurturing qualities of oil emulates the feeling of being saturated in love. Charaka Samhita, one of the oldest Ayurvedic texts, states:

The body of one who uses oil massage regularly does not become affected much even if subjected to accidental injuries, or strenuous work. By using oil massage daily, a person is endowed with pleasant touch, trimmed body parts and becomes strong, charming and least affected by old age.
Charaka Samhita Vol. 1, V: 88-89


Abhyanga is traditionally used in:

  • Most Vata-related ailments (e.g. anxiety, dryness, constipation, insomnia)
  • Joint conditions (e.g.cracking, popping, pain, arthritis)
  • Muscular conditions (e.g. aches, weakness, dystrophy, tremors)
  • Emaciation, depletion, lowered libido
  • Dinācharya, one's daily routine

This service is not for you if you //

  • Have high levels of ama/toxins (this can be determined by your practitioner), but check your tongue for a thick coating. If yes - you have ama, and this should be treated first. Triphala is a good start. 
  • Are undergoing chemotherapy or antibiotics
  • Are currently menstruating (at time of treatment)
  • Pregnant (a modified, pregnancy massage will be performed - coming soon)
  • Are experiencing severe fatigue
  • Are severely overweight
  • Are nauseous, vomiting or severely dehydrated
  • Are experiencing severe diarrhoea, food poisoning, intestinal obstruction
  • Are under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Have acute conditions relating to mind, liver, blood, heart, lungs

    Each Modern Ayurvedic treatment is tailored to your constitution, needs or goals. These can change over the course of a series of treatments, so the oils used may too.

    Ideally, self-Abhyanga should be performed daily and the types of oil will depend on one's doshas; some are more warming, cooling, and/or lighter in quality. 


    The process //

    • Constitution typing via e-Prakriti test emailed to with booking confirmation
    • Assessment of your needs
    • Selection of appropriate oil(s) to be used
    • Massage begins on the head, face, hands and feet, before Abhyanga body-sequence (front and back) resumes. 

    What to expect // 

    You'll begin seated for a massage of the head, face, hands and feet before laying on your back. We work from the centre of your body and intuition, the stomach, and travel up the side of the abdomen/chest and back down the arm. 

    Abhyanga begins seated, with a massage of the scalp, head, face, hands and feet. Then, the client will lay on their back. Unlike many modern massages, movement is then focussed on the abdomen, the organs that reside there. The abdomen/chest, shoulders, arms, elbows and wrists follow. The true beauty lies within the intuitive fluidly of each movement, that has remained unchanged for thousands of years. Finally, the lower body; hips, legs, knees, and ankles are treated, before the client turns and experiences the same sequence on the back of the body. 

    More localised treatment of specific injuries, pain, stiffness of joints is considered.

    Abhyanga strokes have a gentle, comforting, rhythm to them. This is not a deep tissue massage, but pressure preference may be discussed before/during your treatment.

    Note: according to ancient practice and traditional recipes, medicinal oils used may contain ghee or beeswax. You must let us know if you do not wish animal products to be used. We always have alternatives.



    Book online by following this link.
    Or call us on 1300 834 410.



    $110 for 60mins - may include svedana/steam therapy after massage.



    It's important to go slow after your treatment, and minimise bodily contact with chemicals if possible. 

    Do //

    Shower within 1hr of treatment

    Rest (though no napping)

    Re-fuel with a simple, light, fresh, warm meal eg. basmati rice and vegetables

    Re-hydrate (aim for 2L minimum) with tempered-warm water (not cold or carbonated)

    Avoid //

    Skin contact with chemicals (chlorine, unnatural skin care products or fake tans)

    Excessive sun and/or wind exposure

    Unnecessary stresses; don't over commit yourself after treatment

    Toxins (coffee, alcohol, processed foods)

    Over-eating or cold, heavy (oily) and processed foods

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