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Ayurveda 101 // Ayurveda's elements

Image by Ashley Batz

Image by Ashley Batz

"Circular Gateways"

What if, instead of a parallel universe, there was a perpendicular one?
If the alternate reality was perpendicular then life would be sad. A perpendicular universe implies there is a single junction, or turning point. Who wants to walk a lifetime for a single chance to turn it all around? The universe is to forgiving for that. So a perpendicular universe does not exist.

There are, however, infinite parallel paths.
Circular gateways.
No beginning.
No end.
You can slip into them at any time.
Just ask your Chakras.

Your Chakras have a circular spin.
They do not operate according to 'relative time'.
They know no 'before'.
They know no 'after'.
There is no continuum.
In the realm of the Chakras, all that has been and all that is to come just is.
This is language of eternalism.
It is the possibility of gateways to parallel worlds.

The most beautiful depiction of the relationship between Ayurveda's five elements, human form, and the capacity to slip into a parallel world is Leonardo Da Vinci’s "The Vitruvian Man".

"The Vitruvian Man" is named after the architect, Marcus Vitruvias.  Marcus Vitruvias was obsessed with constructing the perfect form. With perfection in his sights, you would been forgiven for thinking he was shooting from his ego. Far from it.

Marcus Vitruvias saw life through Ayurveda’s eyes. He believed that the natural world held the key to the mathematical order of intelligent design. His ultimate road map?

The human body itself.

The Vitruvian Man shows that the proportion and orders of symmetry in the human form physically align to quantum states. A higher and lower level of being. The composite of the parallel realities is reduced geometrically to the square and the circle.

Ayurveda's elements in symbol form

The traditional Ayurvedic symbols mark out the path for each of the four solid state elements that form the Vitruvian square.

Ayurveda's symbol of the fire element points upwards. The Vitruvian fire line moves upwards, tracing the right (masculine) side of the human body.

Ayurveda's symbol of air also has an upward current, but encases a horizontal plane. It correlates to Vitruvian's top horizontal plane.

Ayurveda's symbol of water pours down. The Vitruvian water lines runs down the left (feminine) side of the human body.

Ayurveda's earth element has a downward current. Just like the air symbol, it encases a horizontal line. Earth equates to the base line of the Vitruvian square.

Ether is the circle, the gateway. It represents your Chakras, and the the electrical (wind) energy generated by your Chakra-mills. This is your logbook. The storage house for your association with ideologies, circumstance, potential (and other shit). It is also where you access knowledge from the collective.

With the square (physical world) as His base, The Vitruvian Man stands firmly in the lower level state; the existential. When He steps outside the box, he finds his footing in the circle; the occult. In that he expands. These planes coexist.


At any given point in time YOU have the all you need to slip into another state.

The world is not devoid of human pain, but it is not a game of avoidance. How much responsibility can you accept when life turns sour and there is no apparent path forward? Maybe your life's sourness is circumstantial. You don't need to take responsibility for the circumstance - but you can take responsibility for your perspective.

Seeing differently means doing differently (or doing anyway). Doing gives you an outcome.

Now, that outcome can still go either way. BUT when you choose to do, you also subconsciously (and physically) prepare. What hurts more… a blow to the face that you never saw coming, or a punch that you deliver yourself? I would choose a life in conscious action instead of passivity any day. And trust me, I have tried both.

My turning point? Ayurveda.

Ayurveda teaches us how to re-construct (ie RE-compose our CONSTRUCTs) through the five elements. She teaches us awareness. She puts our energetic being (ether) in charge, and helps us to rearrange our elemental constitution to its highest potential. That means all five elements – physical (earth, fire, water and air) and non-physical (ether) – are in balance.

Do you know what else happens when you allow your energetic being to take charge? You invite the better part of you - the light aspect of your doshas - to pull through. You transcend your circumstance. There are no more blows. Full stop. You prevail.

This is the power of ether - the x-factor that knows your every intention.

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