Ayurveda 101 // Kapha body type

"Uterine Layers" art by Kaitlin Walsh

"Uterine Layers" by Kaitlin Walsh (republished with permission)

According to Ayurveda, the uterus (yoni) harbours the seedling for new life and energetic power for rebirth. The Sanskrit word for uterus, yoni, translates to: source, descent, abode, place of rest, home, water, repository and fountain. It is the ultimate symbol of Kapha metaphysics. You can get the full low down on Kapha here.

“The song is ended, but the melody lingers on”
// Irving Berlin

The concept of your dosha, or Ayurvedic constitution, is often spoken of in terms of your body type. This is an over-simplification. Your Ayurvedic constitution is more like your sense of reality. It is your instrument, the thoughts and feelings connected to playing your instrument, and the quality of music that comes out.

You are not just a Kapha, a Pitta or a Vata.
You are all three!
In terms of mass, we are actually ALL predominantly Kapha.
Confused? Don’t be.

In the world of Kapha, there is an abundance of the heaviest elements: Earth and Water.

Kapha is your plasma (the liquid your red blood cells travel in), muscle, fat, marrow, your brain and connective tissue. These are rasa, mamsa, medas and majja in Sanskrit.

Much more poetic, naturally. Kapha is also the steroid (fat based) hormones and neuropeptides that regulate your masculine and feminine qualities, strength and immunity (called shukra).

All up that's around 93% of your mass, higher (but not by much) in you Kaphas. Less in you Vatas.

Like the archetypal Mother, Kapha is charged by the softer, stiller and silkier energy fields. Kapha is the least demanding dosha. It is the solidity of the instrument, the stability of a boulder.

You Kaphas are capable of producing the kind of melody that reaches the core and lingers on. You can see why! Kapha tissues are your base, your strength and your reserves.Good quality Kapha is the foundation of your song.

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