Tongue Cleaner - Pure Stainless Steel

TONGUE CLEANER - Modern Ayurvedic lifestyle product
TONGUE CLEANER - Modern Ayurvedic lifestyle product
Product image 1TONGUE CLEANER - Modern Ayurvedic lifestyle product
Product image 2TONGUE CLEANER - Modern Ayurvedic lifestyle product

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  • Premium quality pure stainless steel 
  • Unique contoured design for superior cleaning
  • V- P- K-


  • Reduces toxins and bacteria from the tongue
  • Enhances taste 
  • Gently stimulates internal organs of detoxifcation and digestion 
  • May help alleviate halitosis
  • Creates awareness of internal health

Did you know that tongue cleaning is an ancient Ayurvedic self-care ritual and an super effective daily detox treatment?

Unlike tooth brushing and flossing, tongue cleaning works to prevent the re-absorption of undigested food particles that linger on the tongue. Left untouched, these bad boys accumulate to form a discoloured thickened coating - aka ama.

Ama promotes microbial imbalances in the oral cavity and digestive tract, which can cause bad breath, poor oral hygiene, weak digestion and unwanted toxicity within the body.

According to Ayurveda, the surface area of the tongue maps to the internal organs. The act of tongue cleaning applies gentle pressure over the entire surface of the tongue, awakening the major organs of detoxification and elimination, so your detox digs way below the surface.  

Need we say more? Tongue cleaning is up there with our top Ayurveda health habits. 


Place the curved edge of the tongue cleaner at the back of the tongue and gently glide over the tongue using light pressure. Rinse waste, and repeat as required. 

Tongue cleaning is most effective when done twice daily, before taking liquids, rinsing the mouth, flossing or brushing teeth. 

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