My Alchemy

MY ALCHEMY - Modern Ayurvedic vegan supplement
MY ALCHEMY - Modern Ayurvedic vegan supplement
Product image 1MY ALCHEMY - Modern Ayurvedic vegan supplement
Product image 2MY ALCHEMY - Modern Ayurvedic vegan supplement

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Welcome to new-aged personalised healthcare. My Alchemy is a customised herbal formulation designed for you by our resident Ayurvedic Herbalist. Time to achieve the vitality you deserve, naturally

  • Be treated as an individual
  • Define your goals
  • Know your strengths
  • Counter your weaknesses
  • 100 gluten free vegan capsules  

Premium service // allow 7-10 days from e-Wellness Form submission. 


Together we define your goals and formulate your personalised prescription. First time orders include Ayurveda body type analysis and a comprehensive electronic health consultation. Follow-up orders include an additional electronic health consultation. 

There is a very real human that your order and e-Wellness Form goes to. Her name is Dani. Expect to hear from and work with her directly. 

YOU //

  1. Order My Alchemy
  2. Consent to the service
  3. Tell us a little about yourself (allow 30min to complete your e-Wellness Form) 
  4. Respond to any follow-up questions
  5. Receive your custom formulation 

WE (MA) //

  1. Assess your natural constitution 
  2. Listen to your goals
  3. Formulate your personal herbal prescription
  4. Make sure we have heard you 
  5. Send your custom formulation 

Download or Preview the Consent Form before making your order.

To be eligible to use our Compounding Service you must submit a Consent Form and agree to the Terms of Service.

Allow 7-10 days to receive your custom formulation from the time that you submit your e-Wellness Form. For further information, click here or email


The ultimate goal is to bring harmony to Prakṛti; the key to optimising your health potential. 

Prakṛti (prak-roo-tee)
your natural state
n. constitution, pattern, third nature
adj. healthy, well


Ingredients vary according to your needs. A full list of ingredients will be sent with your herbs.

Like all MA supplements your capsules will be produced in Adelaide, South Australia, using the best ingredients we can source.

  • Certified organic herbs
  • Vegan and gluten free capsule
  • No additives
  • No heavy metals
  • GMO free
  • Each capsule contains a minimum total of 500mg of dried plant material  
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Followers will be kept in the know with new product launches, exclusive discounts and MA special events. We promise quality not quantity. This is Ayurveda, after all.

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